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Foods That Start With N

Foods That Start With N

Here’s a question for you. Can you name at least 10 fruits that start with N? What about vegetables? Can you name 10 everyday foods that start with N? I bet you’re still thinking!

But don’t worry, we got you covered! But before you begin, test yourself. How many foods beginning with the letter N can you name? 

Foods That Start With N: Fruits And Vegetables

  • Nashi Pear

Nashi Pear, also known as Asian Pear(or Apple Pear) is an East Asian species of Pear. This white-fleshed fruit has an incredibly sweet and juicy center and features very crisp skin. Nashi pear is known to have various health benefits, and is very rich in vitamin C and fiber!

  • Navel Oranges

A navel orange is a type of orange that is characterized by the growth of a second ‘twin’ citrus fruit at the bottom of the orange, which slightly resembles the human navel (or belly button). Navel oranges are usually seedless, and easier to peel. They’re also considered one of the world’s best-tasting oranges! If you wish to know more about Navel Oranges, check out this video!

  • Nutmeg Melon

Nutmeg Melons are a variety of muskmelon vines and are called so due to their deep green flesh and netlike markings, and are popularly grown in South Africa. Per its name, Nutmeg Melon tastes sweet and juicy with a kind of floral aftertaste. It sometimes also has a nutty, spicy flavor that somewhat resembles that of nutmeg.

  • Natal Plum

Here’s a fun fact. All plants of a natal plum plant are extremely poisonous, except for its fruit. The natal plum fruit, or ‘Num Num’, is a sweet cranberry-like fruit, from the Plum Natal flowering plant, that has the texture of ripe strawberries. It can be consumed once it ripens up to a nice red and purple color. And get this, you can eat the fruit whole, along with its skin and black seed!

  • Nance Fruit

Nance fruits are the native Caribbean and Latin American equivalent of berries. They’re yellow-orange or golden in color and feature a very noticeable odor. They’re very unique in taste (some describe it as a combination of banana, lychee, and pears!). Nance fruits are very rich in vitamin C, Iron, fiber, and other antioxidants. Its other health benefits include a reduced risk of cancer, strokes, and other heart diseases.

  • Napa Cabbage

Napa cabbage is a variety of Chinese cabbage that originated in Beijing, China. It is more commonly known as Chinese cabbage and is used in many recipes including soups, stir-fries, fried rice, kimchi, and salads. It is also a high source of folic acid and Vitamin B, and is known to help lower LDL levels!

  • Nectarine

Nectarine is a sweet apple-like fruit that belongs to the family of Peaches. Nectarine fruit takes its name from the word ‘Nectar’ and it means ‘food of the gods’. Similar to their name, Nectarines are very sweet (almost like ‘nectar’). However, unlike Peaches, they lack the outer fuzzy coating and are very smooth to touch.

Let’s be honest, how many of these did we know? I bet that you didn’t even think of most of these when you thought of foods beginning with the letter N!

Everyday food

Foods That Start With N: Everyday Items

Now that we have our fruits and veggies out of the way, let’s look at everyday foods that start with N!

  • Navy Bean

The navy beans, commonly known as Pea Beans, are a variety of white beans that are slightly smaller and flatter, and oval. Did you know that they got their name from the fact that the US Navy considered these beans as their staple foods for many years!

These beans are used in many recipes, including soups, salads, stews, and curries, and are one of the healthiest varieties of high-fiber beans! If you’re wondering how you can include them in your food, check out this article for their ham navy beans recipe, ham stock recipe, and a lot more! I would always recommend my favorite Navy bean soup-type recipe!  

  • Nigella Seed

If you think this is your first time hearing about them, you’re not alone. Up until today, I didn’t too. But turns out Nigella seeds are nothing but what we know as black cumin seeds! Nigella seed is known for its nutrition and medicinal properties and is used in various African and Western Asia rice dishes, bread, curries, etc.

  • Newburg Sauce

Newburg sauce is a rich, delicious sauce that is made using lobster, butter, cream, and egg yolks. It is generally served with seafood and is known to have originated in the United States. 

  • Nuggets

Ask someone to name foods that start with N and most people will mention chicken nuggets. I mean, can you blame them?

Breaded and fried chicken nuggets were first invented in the 1950s and have been a staple fast food dish ever since. I love making nuggets at home, especially if I want to freeze them in advance. You can check out this recipe for restaurant-style homemade nuggets!

  • Nutmeg

I think Nutmeg is one of the best spices you could have in your kitchen. It has a warm, earthy flavor that is very soothing in desserts and pies, and it goes well with chicken meat as well as red meats! Did you know that Nutmeg is officially banned in Saudi Arabia? It is! Due to its various medical properties, Nutmeg is classified as a drug in many countries!

  • Nutella

Seriously, who doesn’t like Nutella? Very few food items spark as much joy as a jar of Nutella does. And here’s a fun fact. The original makers of Nutella first designed it in the form of a loaf that had to be sliced. Think American cheese slices, but with Nutella instead. Serve them with ice cream and you’ll be in Heaven!

Indian Foods

Indian Foods That Start With N

  • Naan Bread

Naan Bread, or Naan Roti, are types of Indian flatbread that are made out of flour and cooked in a clay oven (tandoor). They go well with curries and chicken and are served with butter and garlic.

  • Nankhatai

Nankhatai is a type of Indian shortbread cookie that is most popular in North India and Pakistan. It is made using all-purpose flour (sometimes even semolina and chickpea flour), clarified butter and sugar, topped with dry fruits and saffron! Check out this recipe for the best Nankhatai shortbread biscuits!

  • Nihari

Nihari is a very popular slow-cooked stew that is made using beef, goat meat, or lamb meat. It first originated in India during the Mughal empire and derived its name from the word ‘Nahar’ which means ‘day’, because the Mughals were known to have Nihari as a breakfast food dish. It later became popular in both Bangladesh and Pakistan and is known to be the National dish of Pakistan.

  • Navratan Korma

‘Navratan’ translates to ‘Nine Jewels’ and ‘Korma’ (or kurma) is a curry that is made using yogurt, cream, nuts, candied fruits, or a coconut base. Traditionally, this dish was made using nine assortments of vegetables and garnishing ingredients and named as a tribute to the nine courtiers of the Mughal empire.

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  • Neyyappam

I promise you the dish is not as intimidating as the name! Neyyappam is a popular south Indian dish and is made using rice flour, jaggery, coconuts, and clarified butter. They’re rice-based fritters and derive their name from the Tamil words ‘Neyy’ meaning clarified butter, and ‘Appam’ meaning pancakes.

  • Neer Dosa

Think crepes, but made with rice flour instead! Neer Dosas are South Indian snack foods and are famous across India. They’re a delicacy in the Tamil Nadu region of India, and are soft, delicate crepe-like breads that are served with coconut and chili chutney.

Mexican Foods

Mexican Foods That Start With N

  • Nachos

Nachos are a Mexican Tex-Mex dish that is served with warm tortilla chips, nacho cheese, and olives or jalapenos. The more elaborate versions feature tortilla chips with guacamole, sour cream, minced chicken or beef, melted cheese, and other dressings.

  • Navajo Tacos

Here’s a very puzzling piece of information for you. Navajo Tacos, made using Indian Flybread, first originated in North America. So basically, Navajo Tacos are Indian tacos made using taco meat (ground beef), cheese sauce, olives, and other seasonings of your choice.

  • Nopalitos

If this is your first time hearing about Nopalitos, this may interest you. ‘Nopalito’ means a ‘small pad’ of a prickly pear cactus, or ‘nopal’. Can you guess what this Mexican dish is made from? Yes, diced pads of cactus! They have a very light, tart taste and have various health benefits including reduced cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels.

Oriental Foods That Start With N

  • Nasi Goreng 

Nasi Goreng literally translates to ‘fried rice’ in Indonesian and Malay languages. Nasi Goreng is a popular Indonesian rice dish that is usually served with a side of fried eggs. Sometimes, it may also contain fried noodles or a mix of rice, noodles, and vegetables.

  • Nai You Zha Gao

Nai You Zha Gao is a popular fried cream cake that is famous in Beijing, China. It is made by mixing butter, cream, sugar, and vanilla into a flour paste and then fried into yellow-golden balls that are crispy on the outside and soft and gooey from the inside.

  • Nori

Sushi enthusiasts must have got this one right! Nori is a popular Japanese edible seaweed species of red algae.

  • Natto

Natto is a traditional Japanese dish that is prepared using soybeans that have been fermented. It is characterized by a stringy, stretchy texture, and some describe the taste as similar to that of cottage cheese. Despite being a food that usually needs acquired taste, it is high in vitamin K2 and great for your health.

  • Norman Tart

The Normandy Tart is a shortcrust pastry-based version made using apples, almonds, and sugar, and is topped with rich and creamy egg whites custard. It is caramelized until you see a beautiful golden color and often served with vanilla ice cream. It first originated in France, although it soon became popular worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Let me ask you to name foods that start with N again. How many do you know now? There are so many wonderful recipes to try, I hope this blog helped you with new ideas. The next time someone asks you to name foods that start with N, you tell them!

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