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Foods That Start With M

Foods That Start With M

Can you name at least 10 foods beginning with the letter M? What about fruits and vegetables?

I bet there are more food items beginning with the letter M than you think! We’ve put together a comprehensive list for you. Keep reading to find out!

Everyday Foods That Start With M

  • Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a staple breakfast food syrup in many parts of the world. It is made from the xylem sap tissue of the sugar maple, red maple, or black maple trees. It is often served with pancakes and waffles.

  • Macadamia Nuts

The Macadamia nut, also known as Queensland nut, is native to the central and southeastern region of Queensland. They’re high in good fat protein and are known to reduce the risk of heart attack and obesity. Interestingly, they’re very toxic and are swallowed by dogs, and can have severe consequences.

  • Mutton

Mutton is the meat of domestic sheep. When domestic sheep are in their first year of life, their meat is called ‘lamb’. You can use the term ‘Mutton’ to refer to the meat of older sheep.

  • Mung Beans 

Mung bean, also known as the green gram, is a species of the legume family that can be used dry or as sprouts in both sweet and savory dishes. It is native to Southeast Asia and the country of India.

  • Mustard 

Mustard is a table condiment that is made by grounding mustard seeds with water and vinegar and making a thin paste out of it. Mustard is often served with sandwiches, burgers, wraps, salads, and side dishes.

  • Milk 

As a kid, I hated having milk every morning before school. But as an adult, I now understand just how important milk is to my recipes and health! Milk is one of the most versatile ingredients you can store in your house. It is highly nutritious, and goes with so many things!

  • Maize

Maize is often also called the Indian corn, a food crop that first originated in southern Mexico many years ago. Maize is often used interchangeably with corn, although they’re both the same things.

  • Margarine

Margarine is an inexpensive butter substitute that is made out of vegetable oil. It is designed to taste the same as butter and is believed to be healthier than butter.  

  • Mascarpone

Mascarpone is a type of Italian soft cheese that is very similar to cream cheese in texture. It is often used in desserts and food items like scones and bagels. And you’ll be surprised to know that Mascarpone is ridiculously easy to make at home! Check out this website for a DIY method.

  • Mayonnaise 

How can we forget mayonnaise? This everyday food has the hearts of millions of people worldwide! And there’s nothing that you can’t do with it. Mayonnaise is prepared by whisking together egg yolks, vinegar, and oil, along with other seasonings.

Foods That Start With M: Fruits

  • Mandarin Orange 

The Mandarin orange, or just Mandarin, is a type of fruit belonging to the citrus fruit genus. Contrary to popular belief, mandarin fruit is not a species of oranges. Although it is similar to an orange in taste and appearance, the mandarin fruit is rather oblong. 

  • Mcintosh Apples

The Mcintosh apple is the national apple of Canada. It has a red-pale green skin and is somewhat tart in flavor. This fruit is often used in baking recipes, but it can also be juiced for their flesh, or added to fruit salad for a balance in flavor.

  • Medlar 

Medlar is a large shrub that is native to Iran and Southwest Asia. Its fruit is reddish-brown in appearance and is consumed when bletted. Once bletted, many describe its taste as similar to that of dates or sour cherries. 

  • Melon

The Melon, or Cantaloupe, is a tropical fruit from a family of sweet, edible fruits. Historically, melon originated in South Africa, but it is grown in all parts of the world today. Melons are round in shape, with a yellow-green shell featuring a bumpy rind. The flesh of melon fruit is pale yellow in flavor and is very sweet to taste. They can be eaten raw or added to juices for their high water content.

  • Mango 

Growing up, everyone referred to mango as the king of fruits. And while this title keeps changing depending on countries and regions, I think mangoes do deserve it. Mango is a tropical fruit that first originated in India. 

This fruit varies in size and shape depending upon the species of the mango. Generally, it has green-yellow skin and the inside has a bright yellow flesh pulp. It is incredibly sweet to taste and is eaten raw, or used in dessert food and cakes. The skin of the mango fruit is also often boiled to make mango syrup.

  • Melba Apple

Melba apple is a Canadian cultivar of the usual domestic apple species. They have a very sweet taste with a mild acidic aftertaste and are firmer than regular apples. They also feature an edible rind with a silky smooth texture.

  • Mosambi

Mosambi is the Hindi name for sweet lime. Sweet limes are high in vitamin C and are very beneficial to our health. They’re commonly eaten raw, or used in marmalades, pies, or even other dessert recipes.

Foods That Start With M: Vegetables 

  • Marrow 

Marrow is a vegetable that is similar to cucumbers in shape. It is the ripened cultivar of zucchini that has reached its full size. Marrow can be used raw in salads or ground meat mixtures or can be baked, fried, boiled, steamed, and roasted.

  • Mexican Husk Tomato 

Also known as tomatillo, Mexican husk tomatoes are small spherical fruits that are light-green in color. They have an acidic flavor and are great for marmalades and pies.

  • Magic Molly Potato

These potatoes are a highly pigmented variety of potatoes that are grown in North America and Alaska. They’re dark purple and have a rich, creamy texture.

  • Malabar Spinach

Malabar spinach, also called Ceylon spinach, predominantly grows in India and similar tropical weather countries. It can be used in soups, stir-fries, and salads.

  • Malanga Root 

Malanga Root is a root vegetable that is used in most parts of south and north America, and Africa. It cannot be eaten raw but can be boiled or milled and added to flour.

  • Miner’s Lettuce

This plant gains its name from the fact that miners originally used this lettuce during the California Gold Rush. It has a mild taste and is similar to spinach in terms of crunch. This variety, out of all the green vegetables, is famous for growing in the winter.

Foods That Start With M: Main Course And Side Dishes

  • Meatloaf 

I don’t know about you, but meatloaf is right there in my list of favorite dishes in the world. This delicious treat is prepared by mixing ground meat and other spices and baking it in the shape of a loaf. You can check out my favorite meatloaf technique here. You can serve this meat meal with a choice of glaze, bread, or even on its own!

  • Meatball

It is amazing how ground meat that has been shaped into small balls can taste so good. But it does. My granny used to make her famous spaghetti and meatballs when I was a kid. Whenever I make it now, this meatballs recipe remains popular for me.

  • Macaroni 

Good old Mac & Cheese. Macaroni is a variety of dry pasta shells that is tube-shaped and curved from the edges. It is usually cut into very small lengths. Macaroni is used in many soups and casseroles but is popular for Macaroni and cheese. You can even add some meat for added flavor!

  • Mackerel 

Mackerel is a type of fish found in the Indian waters and surrounding country seas. It can be smoked, fried, or added to curries and gravies.

  • Mallard Meat 

Mallard meat is the meat of a species of wild duck. Mallard meat can be grilled, fried, or baked, and is popular in the list of meaty ducks. I like to grill mine with a scrumptious honey glaze.

  • Mozzarella fritters

You serve these at a party and you just know they’re gonna be super popular. Mozzarella fritters are basically just fried mozzarella balls that have been breaded and seasoned. You can even add other vegetables to make things interesting! I like to make them with Mushroom and cheese!

  • Manicotti

Manicotti is an Italian-American type of pasta that consists of large pasta tubes that are stuffed with cheese and tomato sauce and then baked in a pot. You can also stuff these pasta tubes with minced meat or flavored meat, or different kinds of meats that have been slow-cooked or grilled.

Foods That Start With M: International Foods

  • Maitake Mushroom Soup

Maitake mushroom is a native Chinese mushroom that is grown in Europe and North America and used for all kinds of purposes. It has a very chewy and succulent flesh and tastes great when cooked. I like to cook mine in this Maitake Mushroom Soup dish. 

  • Methi Chicken

Methi leaves are the leaves of the fenugreek plant and have a slightly bitter aftertaste. Methi chicken is prepared by slow cooking minced chicken meat along with methi leaves and spices. The methi leaves add succulent moisture to the dish and balance out the flavor. You can check out the instructions here.

  • Miso

Miso is a traditional Japanese table condiment that is made up of fermented soybeans and salt.

  • Moussaka

Moussaka is a middle eastern dish that is made of potatoes or eggplants along with meats and cheese. It is like a greek version of lasagna and is famous in Europe and South America. I like to add flavored meat that has been slow-cooked in tomato sauce in between the layers of my moussaka, along with some scallions and herbs. Check out this website for their Ultimate Greek Moussaka!

  • Minestrone Soup

Another Italian food item that makes my list of some of my favorite foods. Minestrone soup is prepared by adding pasta or rice to meat broth. Other ingredients include tomato sauce, celery, onions, minced meat, garlic, and dried herbs. I like to refer to this website when making this dish.

  • Marinara Sauce

Say what you will, I like to believe that a good marinara sauce recipe can solve most of your problems. And even if it doesn’t, at least it will help. I have been going back to this website for their recipe ever since I learned cooking. I promise you, you will not regret it!

Foods Beginning With The Letter M: Desserts And Drinks

Now that we’re done with foods that begin with M, let’s move on to my favorite part – Dessert items and drinks that start with the letter M!

  • Marmalade

Marmalade is a preserve made out of boiled water with sugar and citrus fruit. The citrus fruit is often juiced and is then added to the preserve.

  • Mate

Mate is a traditional South American drink that is prepared by adding dry coffee leaves to boiling water and infusing the caffeine into the drink.

  • Meringue Pie 

The famous lemon meringue pie! What’s not there to like? This pie is made by preparing a meringue mixture out of egg whites and sugar and adding some lemon juice and lemon rind to it. I like to follow this recipe.

  • Milkshake 

Milkshakes are a perfect summertime refreshment. Whether they’re made out of classic chocolate flavors, or some exotic tropical fruit, you just know the kids will love it. And milkshakes are the perfect excuse to add some ice cream to your fruits and enjoy a delicious evening snack!

  • Mimosa

If you’re looking for a sign to make a Mimosa, your search ends here. This beverage is prepared by mixing champagne with some orange juice, but I like to add some orange skin along with flesh for extra flavor!

  • Munchener

Munchener is a German beer that gets its name from the city of Munich.

  • Muscadel 

Muscadels are white flesh grapes that are specifically grown for wine production. Muscadel wine is a dessert wine that has an aromatic and sweet taste.

  • Marsala 

Marsala is an Italian dessert wine that is produced in the small town of Marsala in Italy.

  • Medoc Wine 

Also known as Bordeaux wine, Medoc is an aged red wine that is famous throughout the world for its tropical fruit scents and tasteful aroma.

  • Merlot

Merlot is a type of dark blue grape variety that is specifically nurtured for winemaking. Merlot wine is a sweet wine that is often blended with other types of wines to balance their bitter notes. 

  • Mezcal 

Throughout Mexico, Mezcal is a popular distilled alcoholic beverage that is prepared by the addition of agave (the plant whose fermented sugar results in tequila).

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  • Mead

Mead is the result of fermented honey with water that is added to tropical fruit juices, spices, and grains. It is alcoholic in nature and is popular in Egypt, China, India, and Greece.

  • Mocha

I’d hate to admit it, but I’m quite guilty myself of having one too many mocha lattes in one day. It is a type of caffe latte that is prepared by mixing coffee with chocolate.

  • Marzipan 

Marzipan is a sweet confectionary item that is made up of almond flesh and sugar or honey. You can also add almond extract for extra flavor!

Final Thoughts 

Now that you are aware of so many new foods beginning with the letter M, feel free to try your hands at all these new recipes! You can never go wrong with the classic meatball, or perhaps try the famous marinara sauce!

Don’t forget to flaunt your knowledge about food items that start with the letter M!

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