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Foods That Start With K

Foods That Start With K

Here’s a question for you. Can you name at least ten foods that start with K? What about desserts? Don’t worry, I couldn’t too. But I’ve put together these food lists of food items that begin with the letter K, so you don’t have to!

Test your knowledge and then check back to see how many foods you know!

Everyday Foods That Start With K

Let’s first look at everyday foods that start with K. How many of these do you think you know?

  • Kettle Corn 

Traditionally, Kettle Corn was made in a large cast-iron kettle or pot (hence the name). It was then tossed with sugar and salt for a very unique flavor. Kettle Corn is very similar to popcorn, and a bit sweeter in comparison. 

  • Kidney Beans

As a kid, I adored the traditional Indian dish of Rajma-Chawal (A kidney bean stew served with rice). A kidney bean gets its name from its close resemblance in color and shape to a human kidney. Kidney beans are a very rich source of protein and are high in various vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

  • Kit Kat

I bet you thought of these when I asked you to name foods beginning with K? Kit kat is a world-famous chocolate-covered wafer bar produced by Nestle. It comes in many flavors, with Japan boasting over 200 flavor varieties!

  • Ketchup

I, for one, instantly thought of Ketchup when asked about foods that begin with the letter K. Ketchup is a table condiment served with a variety of dishes including nuggets, french fries, sandwiches, etc. It is usually made from tomato sauce, vinegar, sugar, and other spices and seasonings. Traditionally, ketchup also constituted ingredients like egg whites, fish, oysters, mushrooms, and others.

  • Kosher Dill Pickles

Ideally, kosher foods are those that follow the strict dietary standards of Jewish law. But Kosher Dill Pickles don’t necessarily do that. It just means that they follow the dietary rules of the Jewish new york city pickle makers, and add generous amounts of garlic and dill to the salt brine mixture.

Foods That Start With K: Fruits And Vegetables

  • Kale

Kale is a staple home kitchen ingredient for me. It is extremely versatile and has numerous health benefits. Honestly, I can never say no to a generous serving of Cool Ranch Kale Dip with my favorite side dish.

  • Kiwi

Kiwi fruit (also known as Chinese Gooseberry) was first grown in New Zealand and later expanded worldwide. It is a brown fruit with green flesh and is packed with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. 

  • Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi (also called German Turnip) is a member of the cabbage family. It has sweet and peppery flavors, and people describe its texture as that of a broccoli stem or cabbage heart. It has a high flesh-to-skin ratio, and its ‘meat’ can be consumed either raw or cooked. Due to its high nutrient properties, and low carb qualities, Kohlrabi is often considered a superfood.

  • Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime is a rough, bumpy green citrus fruit that is native to Southeast Asia and Southern China. They have a very intense citrus-like fruit smell, and their leaves are used in various Southeast Asian recipes, and for traditional medicinal use. The extract from the leaves is also used in essential oils and perfumes. Since they belong to the family of citrus fruit, Kaffir Lime leaves are used to shadow the pungent smell while cooking meat, and seafood.

Foods That Start With K: Main Course And Side Dishes

  • Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is a stir-fried Chinese recipe that is made using a sweet and savory sauce of peanuts, vegetables, and Sichuan peppers. It has just the right amount of heat from the peppers and is a very popular side dish among Chinese enthusiasts. Kung Pao sauce is sometimes even added to vegetables like potato or sweet potato for a vegetarian version of the dish.

  • King Mackerel

The King Mackerel (or Kingfish) is a meaty species of the Mackerel family. It features large fillets, and is, therefore, the perfect choice for smoked fish dishes. Grilled Mackerel is also a popular seafood dish, and is said to be high in mercury. 

  • King Crab

King Crabs are considered a descendant of the hermit crab species and are mostly found in the backwaters of Japan. They’re the largest species of crab and weigh over 11 pounds. Due to their huge size and delectable taste, a king crab can cost you up to 50 dollars per pound! 


Foods That Start With K: Desserts

  • Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is a popular American dessert pie that is made from key lime juice, egg yolks, and condensed milk. It is often served with a topping of egg meringue or whipped cream. I often turn to this recipe when baking it at home!

  • Kuchen

Kuchen (which translates to ‘cake’ in German) is used in other languages to describe various sweet desserts like desserts, pies, pastries, etc. The most common ingredients in a Kuchen are eggs, flour, and sugar. According to a very old tradition in Germany, people often invited people over for Coffee and Kuchen i.e. ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’.

  • Kheer

Kheer (some call it ‘Phirni’) is a rice pudding dessert that is traditionally made in India and Pakistan. While some regions in Pakistan add cream or sweetened condensed milk to the pudding, most people in India prepare it using milk, sugar, dry fruit, saffron, and cooked rice. Rice is often substituted by vermicelli or bulgar wheat.

  • Kouing Aman

Kouing Amann is a Breton butter cake that has multiple layers of bread dough, butter, and sugar. It is baked until the sugar caramelizes and the butter puffs up the pastry. It’s a very popular recipe in Japanese bakeries and tastes very soft, moist, and caramel-like in the center, with a slight tinge of smoky burnt flavor from the sugar.

  • Kunafeh

Kunafeh (or Kanafeh) is a traditional pastry dessert from the Middle East. It is a shredded filo pastry that is soaked in sugar syrup for a few hours and then topped with cheese, dry fruits, clotted cream, and other ingredients.

  • Kaju Katli

Growing up, Kaju Katli was always THE best sweets I would want. Kaju meaning ‘cashew’ and Katli is what you would also call a ‘Barfi’, which is made by thickening milk with sugar and other flavors. Kaj Katli is a famous dessert item in most parts of India and is served in little triangular pieces topped with edible silver foil.

  • Kek Lapis Sarawak

This cake gets its name from the place of its origin Sarawak, Malaysia. It is a layered cake that features beautiful colors and patterns and requires dedicated hard work (almost 8 hours of baking time!). Although it was originally invented in the 1990s as a dessert that is made during religious festivities, it is now famous in other parts of Sri Lanka too.

International Foods That Start With K   

Did you know that so many international foods start with the letter K? Have a look!

  • Kahlua

Kahlua is a type of coffee liquor that is very similar to Baileys. It was first founded in Mexico and contains rum, sugar, and 100% Arabica coffee. Kahlua usually tastes like sweetened coffee and is used in a variety of desserts and cakes for a hint of alcohol.

  • Kabobs

Kabobs (or Kebabs) were first invented in the Middle East, but quickly took over the rest of the world’s cuisine. The key ingredient is the ground meat that is marinated with a combination of various spices and curry powder and put on a skewer to grill. Traditionally, kebabs were a special dinner item, made during family gatherings and functions.

  • Kava

Kava, or kava kava, is a type of alcoholic beverage that is made from the roots of a plant found in the pacific islands. Although it is a beverage that supposedly promotes relaxation, many countries have restricted or banned kava due to research suggesting liver damage that is associated with kava use.

  • Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish that is made with a combination of fermented vegetables and seasonings like ginger, garlic, gochugaru, and spring onions. Today, Kimchi is popular worldwide, and not only as a side dish. It is also served as a breakfast dish that is served along with hard-boiled eggs, a burrito bowl, or a skillet omelet.

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  • Kecap Manis

Kecap Manis is also known as sweet soy sauce and is known to have first originated in Indonesia. It is very dark in color and has a taste that is very similar to molasses (thanks to the addition of palm sugar). The best part, though, is that you can easily make it at home! I would recommend these ones. 

  • Kishke

Kishke means ‘gut’ in Yiddish. It is a popular immigrant recipe that is made by stuffing a sausage or an intestine with various type of meats and grains. The Kishke meat is also known as Stuffed Derma.

  • Kedgeree

Kedgeree is a colonial Indian dish, now a popular British cuisine entree, that is made with flaked fish, hard-boiled eggs, butter, cooked rice, and other spices and seasonings. It can be served hot or cold and has evolved to include various other combinations of fish like tuna and salmon. 

  • Knish

A Knish is a Jewish dumpling that is made up of flaky dough and filled with a savory paste of mashed potatoes, sweet potato, spinach, black beans, or even cheese. It is a comfort food snack item that is either baked or deep-fried and is mostly found in countries with a large Jewish population.

  • Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo Meat is often considered a delicacy by many countries in the world. It has a very low-fat index and compared to red meat and other meat varieties, it is very rich in iron, Vitamin B, and zinc. It features a very strong flavor, but isn’t as tough as venison, making it the ideal choice for many recipes.

Final Thoughts

Test yourself again. How many foods that start with K do you know now? I bet a lot! And if some of these foods sound tempting, feel free to make them! 

It’s now time to quiz your friends and family about foods that start with K. Go ahead!

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