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What Does Cobia Fish Taste Like? And How to Store it

cobia fish taste

Cobia is a lesser-known saltwater fish. So it is no surprise that you may want to know how do cobia fish taste like cause you want to try it out. In short, cobia fish tastes like most other saltwater fishes, similar to fish like mahi-mahi, tuna, etc. If you want to know more about Cobia fish and its taste, then I would urge you to go through this article,

What is Cobia Fish?

Cobia is a species of marine fish that belongs to the genus Rachycentron. They are solitary fish found in warm-temperate and tropical water as they prefer warm water. They are known to feed on small fish, crabs, etc., for which they are often called crabeaters as crabs, and small crustaceans are their favorite sources of food. They are relatively large fish and can weigh up to 170 pounds. 

Their colors range from light brown to even dark grey, resembling sharks to some extent.

Is Cobia Fish Expensive?

On the contrary, Cobias are a relatively inexpensive fish. On top of being cheap, they are sustainable, too, according to Seafood Watch. They are found in waters all around the U.S, which makes their prices relatively the same throughout the country. The FDA has approved cobia to be fit for human consumption. They can be harvested easily as it doesn’t affect their numbers.

What Does Cobia Fish Taste Like? 

The Flavor

Cobia has a very mild flavor profile. It tastes similar to other saltwater fish. 

After it is cooked, it will have a buttery taste along with the taste of the herbs and spices used to cook it, as Cobia fish can absorb secondary flavors very well. So its unique natural taste, along with the flavors it absorbs from other ingredients, results in a very enjoyable eating experience.

When eaten raw in sushi, sashimi, ceviche, etc., it tastes sweet and fresh. You will taste the ocean and experience a very subtle sweetness. Again due to its ability to absorb flavors, it will take in all the flavors of the condiments used in its preparation and make them sing in harmony.

The Texture

Cobia has a firm texture. Its flesh is flaky, and the layers are well pronounced. It has a good amount of fat, which, unlike other fish fat, doesn’t cook out or separate. It instead helps the fish retain moisture and stay succulent and juicy even after cooking. Farmed Cobia has more fat than wild-caught Cobias, making them even more moist and juicy.

Fun Fact : Some people leave its scales on; this results in a crispy and crunchy exterior after it’s been cooked.

How to Eat Cobia Fish?

Cobia is an excellent white meat fish for human consumption, as it has the best of both worlds, taste, and nutrition. It can be eaten in many forms: grilled, fried, boiled, and raw. It has very low-fat content, making it firm and flaky when cooked. Moreover, the insides remain juicy and succulent as you cook them properly.

It is a very versatile fish as it can be the star of the dish and can be good support for other ingredients in a dish due to its mild flavor profile.

How to Store Cobia?

Cobia fish can be stored very easily in both your fridge and freezer.

How to Store Cobia in the Fridge?

This is a short-term solution for storing the cobia fish. You should keep it in the regular fridge if you plan to consume it within the next couple of days; otherwise, choose the freezer.

So here’s how you store cobia in the fridge:

  • Clean the fish; this includes rinsing and wiping off any excess blood.
  • Pat the fish dry.
  • Portion the fish
  • Wrap it in cling film
  • Or place it in ziplock bags and take out as much extra air as possible.
  • Finally, refrigerate it.
closeup view of raw cobia fish in the kitchen
Image credit: Alvin Loy Gin Hui, Shutterstock

How to Store Cobia in the Freezer?

This is a long-term solution for storing cobia fish. You should keep it in the freezer if you don’t plan on eating it within the next few days.

So here’s how you store cobia in the freezer:

  • Clean the fish; this includes rinsing and wiping off any excess blood.
  • Pat the fish dry.
  • Portion the fish
  • Wrap it in cling film
  • Or place it in ziplock bags and take out as much extra air as possible.
  • Finally, freeze it.

Answering Some FAQ

Does Cobia fish taste fishy?

No, because of its mellow flavor profile.

How to thaw cobia fish?

Take it out of the freezer and place it in the regular fridge for up to 5 hours, depending on the size, preferably overnight. You can also use the defrost option on your oven to thaw it out quickly.

Can you eat raw Cobia?

Yes! But you should only eat the farmed cobia raw.

Is Cobia fish high in Mercury?

Sadly, Cobia has a high mercury content which is about 24 ppm.

What are the health benefits of cobia fish?

Cobia fish are rich and have high levels of Omega-3 fats, Vitamins, Minerals, and Proteins.

Are Lemon Fish and Cobia Fish the same?

Yes, they are the same.

What are other names of cobia fish?

-Cobia fish are known by these names: Crabeater, Sergeant Fish, Ling, Cabio, Cubby yew, and Lemon Fish.

When are Cobia Fish available?

Cobia fish are available throughout the year.

Final Words

Cobia is one of the best and healthiest fish available out there. They are sustainable and are inexpensive fish offering a wonderfully mild taste. It’s a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It has elements in it that are known to reduce heart diseases. On top of all this, it is very low in fat and calories! 

If you haven’t tried Cobia Fish yet and are an avid fish consumer, then I urge you to try Cobia Fish asap! You will love its buttery, flaky meat and subtle flavor profile. You may even end up making it a staple in your household! So please try Cobia fish out and let me know how the experience was!

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