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Can You Microwave Glass

Can You Microwave Glass

Glass containers are easily one of the most used storage options these days. They’re convenient, they look good, not to mention they are very durable. Glass containers can be very easy to use if you know the know-how of them. 

And say you wish to heat your food in them. Can you put glass in the microwave? Can you microwave glass? Is it safe? 

These are questions you will ask yourself often, and rightly so. I will try to tackle each one of these questions below. Keep reading to find out!

Can You Microwave Glass?

The short answer? Yes. But is it as simple as putting any glass container in the microwave? Certainly not!

There are many things you need to consider before choosing to microwave glass. One of the most important things to know is the type of glass you’re dealing with. Are you dealing with glass that is microwave-safe? Or do you not know if it is?

Another thing to look for is the temperature at which you heat your glass and the time at which you heat it. Even microwave-safe bowls should not be heated at a very high temperature, or for too long.

Can You Microwave Glass: Is It Safe?

Microwaving can often be a gamble. And although so many are unaware of it, microwaves can be seriously dangerous if one is not careful around them. 

In most cases, it is safe to microwave glass. But hear me out, it is safe only if the container is microwave-friendly. While other glass containers can still be microwaved, there’s no telling of how safe they are and how risky they could get. 

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to test your containers before popping them in the microwave. I’ll add more on that below.

Things to Remember When Microwaving Glass

  • Glass containers, unless heat-resistant, do not stand under high temperatures. 
  • As a rule, do not expose even microwaveable glass to high temperatures either. 
  • Do not heat the cold glass that is right out of the freezer. If you wish to defrost your food, heat it at a low temperature at 30-second intervals. Glass is highly vulnerable to temperature shocks in the microwave.
  • Mason jars are typically not microwave-safe. Remember to first check for the ‘microwave-friendly’ label.
  • If your glass container becomes hot when microwaved, it is likely not very safe for the microwave and you should not use it.

Can You Microwave Glass Jars?

Glass jars are usually not very microwave friendly. They are typically used for canning and storing food items like jams, preserves, spreads, and even pantry items. Glass jars, or mason jars, in particular, freeze well too! They’re a great alternative to storing leftover food or quick meals.

But there are times you don’t have the patience to heat your food the traditional way. Can you microwave glass jars to reheat food?

I know I said that glass jars aren’t microwave-safe. But they are still a viable option for a quick microwave reheat session. If you follow these tips and tricks, you should be able to make the best out of your glass jars.

  • First and foremost, check to see if your glass jar has a microwave-friendly label.
  • If it does, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, you’re gonna need to be careful and keep a few things in mind.
  • If your glass jars are too thin, or too old, you do not want to try microwaving them. These types of jars may crack or even explode under the uneven heating of the microwave.
  • If your glass jar is comparatively new, and you may not be able to see the label, you can microwave your empty glass jar on a low setting for 2-3 minutes. If they get too hot, they’re not safe for microwaving.
  • Always heat your jars on medium to low heat. Do not expose them to high temperatures.
  • Remember that glass jars tend to get very hot in the microwave. Handle them with care and use oven gloves. To be on the safer side, place your jars in the microwave along with a glass of water. The water will absorb any excess heat.

Can You Microwave Glass Bowls?

Whether you’re dealing with glass bowls, cups, plates, or bakeware, it is important to know if they are microwave-safe before using them. Note that most ceramic and glass containers do tend to be safe for use in the microwave, but at the same time, you should always double-check.

A ceramic or glass bowl that is microwave safe will come with a very precise label stating it. Always the bottom of the dish or its inner rim for the label. 

Also, check to make sure that your glass bowls/cups do not have a metal-lined rim. If so, it’s probably not a great idea to microwave them. While these cups may still be safe to use in the microwave, the gold/silver rings may lead to a few sparks while heating them. This can damage your fancy cookware.

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How to Tell if the Glass Is Microwave-safe?

The best way, and the easiest way, is to look for the ‘microwave-safe’ label at the bottom of your glass container. Most glassware that is specifically made to be used in the microwave will spot this label, and that will tell you that they are safe to use.

But what if you’re not sure about whether the glass is safe for the microwave? What if there’s  no such label? Does that make it unsafe, or can you still use it for reheating food?

There’s a simple test you could perform to check whether your glassware will keep well in the microwave. You will need to follow these steps:

  1.  First, take a microwave-safe cup/glass and fill it with water. This test won’t work if it is not microwave-friendly.
  2. Take your glass bowl, or whatever it is you want to test, and place it in the microwave alongside the glass of water.
  3. Microwave them for 1 minute on your highest heat setting.
  4. If the glass bowl/dish is cool even after heating them, and the glass of water feels warm, your bowl is likely microwave-friendly and safe to use.
  5. If the dish turns hot, however, it will not stand high temperatures and will likely crack in the microwave. Do not use it in this case.
  6. You can refer to this video for any further doubts or queries!


Can you microwave mason jars?

Yes, but only if they’re microwave-safe. You can find out by looking for the ‘microwave-friendly’ label on the bottom of the jar. Older Mason jars should not be microwaved.

Is all glass microwave safe?

All glass is not microwave-safe. Stick to glass-ware specifically made for microwave use. If you don’t know, take a trial test to determine whether it is safe to use in the microwave.

Can you microwave glass that is not microwave-safe?

You can. But you shouldn’t. Microwaving glass bowls/dishes that are not safe in the microwave can lead to sparks. It can break or even explode under too much pressure. Since this is a very quick process, it is best that you do not risk it.

Final Thoughts

Most glass containers in today’s market are microwave as well as freezer friendly. It is a lot more convenient to buy microwave-safe containers instead of leaving them to guess. 

If you’re not sure about the type of glass you have, always do the trial test. You will be making a smart decision on your part to be careful in advance! Do not forget to follow the guide with precision, and you won’t have to worry! 

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