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Are you ready to create epic meals with less effort?

Welcome kitchen nerds! 

Whether you’re a greenhorn in the kitchen or sharpening your cooking and baking skills, you’ll surely find an array of useful information on my website. 

You’ll find my site a delight to hover through. You’ll find a lot of yummy and healthy dishes. And since going green is everyone’s business nowadays, let’s talk about how to minimize food wastage. And that’s by storing food properly! 

Are you excited! I am! And I hope to help you, kitchen nerds, on the following.

For mommies on the go, you can still make quick hearty meals. 

Because everyone deserves to eat healthy and nutritious food, I came up with a smorgasbord of easy to cook healthy meals. Your family will surely feel spoiled with these mouthwatering recipes. No more take out pizzas. Give the takeout guy a break! Allow me to help you whip up easy dinners even on a weekday.

Get ideal substitutes for a lot of cooking ingredients

Have you scoured your pantry but can’t find that one ingredient to complete your recipe? No need to run to the grocery store, I have a comprehensive list of substitutes that you can use. You’ll be surprised you have it all the time in your cupboard. 

How to store art thou?

Cooking larger yields can save you a ton of time. Especially if you have your hands full of deadlines and crying kids. Learn how to preserve all kinds of food. And how you can transform the leftovers into sumptuous meals and dishes, it’ll be hardly recognizable. I’ll also be tossing in ways on how to ensure leftovers are still safe to eat. We want to save money but not at the expense of our health!

Feast on a Sunday

Or any other day! Gourmet worthy meals aren’t really hard to make! All you need is a bit of imagination and the right set of ingredients. I’ll be your imagination, for now,*wink wink*. You can find a palette of mouth-watering meals fit for a feast. And you can do it right in your own kitchen.

About the author

Eva M. Smith

Eva M. Smith is the owner of this website. She is a 4 year old mother of two and a professional chef. Eva loves to cook for her family, but being a working mom has a lot of challenges. From squeezing in time to do the groceries to make three meals for the day. Eva knows how challenging cooking can be without a kitchen gameplan. 

That’s why she perfected techniques of preserving staple ingredients and several foods so that you have something pre-cooked or pre-baked to use for an array of meals. And they do not come short in flavor! And she does not want to sacrifice flavor with convenience. That’s why she is the best person to ask.